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...I think this was taken in June

…I think this was taken in June

Hello! Welcome to the Glass Forest Press, formerly known as Maple Mountain Publishing. My name is Michael and I’m the author of Simple Handbook of Christian Doctrine. Thanks so much for visiting my site and showing interest in my writing – please email me with any questions or feedback you may have.

My goal in writing my book was to create a readable manual of Christian beliefs that anyone could understand. Having experienced being a Youth Pastor in East Vancouver, plus five summers of camp ministry, I understand how tough it can be for young, lay ministers – like counselors – to explain difficult theological truths to youth and wanted to write something to help this.

My hope is that with this manual even brand-new Christians will have access to the scriptural basis of our faith. My goal in writing my blog is the same, but with an emphasis on current topics challenging the church. Again, please look around and contact me if you are interested in purchasing quantities of my book or inviting me to speak.

A bit about me – I am originally from London, England and studied International Relations at Aberystwyth University. Having immigrated to Canada when I was 21, I am now 25 and I enjoy British comedy, a “tall Pike” at Starbucks, discovering new music and keeping up with current affairs.

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